Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ever Never

It will never feel ok to be apart. But it feels good to wonder about you. To send thoughts out into the pond, hoping they ripple over you, even in some small, imperceptible way.
It will never be ok that I can't contribute actively to your happiness. But it feels good to hope and pray for it all the time.
The hurt never lessens. The wound is always fresh. It can never give the sinewy satisfaction we get from scars. But that means there are poems, movies, books, and songs that will always always find their mark. Their dagger will always be clean and cut right to the heart. Art will always have more vibrancy, more power, to a nerve that is ever exposed, but somehow never dessicated by the elements.
And as there is living to do yet, so let there be life. Dwelling in possibility. Embracing that there is more unknown than known and a forever yet inconceivable.
I'll be fine.
Because I will never be ok. But I will always be at peace.