Saturday, December 10, 2005


I hate people talking about love. Listening to it makes me want to talk back. Stick it to them: Does it thrice daily stab you in the kidneys? Does it take you out of yourself and make your own concerns trivial?

Especially the young. Someone should warn them. The real thing will sear the green branches. And it ravages any structure not built on a foundation of stone.

And then the fact that it demands a sacrifice.

Ancient cultures didn't burn animals on altars to decrease the surplus population. How many are you willing to hurt? It's them or you. Most likely them AND you. Either way, the flames don't rest until sated.

Then the falling out. Why mourn? It's only the proof that love never existed. "Love existed" means that Love exists. Don't take it out of context. Most people should just rejoice in the happy immitation for as long as it lasts. Look back on it fondly--it costs less and is easier to replace.

And it won't daily eat at your guts and whisper about death.