Sunday, October 30, 2005

Stalker (slash) Street Performer

Purple is my favourite color now—and as far as I can remember I've had my eye on a particular anyone. Traversing rushing waters now, hiding in a clothes rack. Awake—walking the halls alone.

He pressed—like testing ink—Not sure. He placed his point to her—not sure if he would work. The crowd dispersed—

And I didn't just change to change—I chose the colour you preferred. You're there--particular in everything—whispering through the crowd's derange in dreams all too frequent. Awake—and I can't even think.

She shivered at the touch—what persevered? And when rusted heart revolved she wrote her name.

So find me in a crowd of one—and as far as I can remember you saw me in the corner of my eye. And trapped—particular—alone—I see the future a broken window.

I don't know any other way.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Hello, City

How do you do it? How do you live in a place where everything is cocooned in concrete and asphault? How do you live in a place where people outnumber everything but rats and pidgeons?
What is the allure of the noise, the smell, the grime, the crowds?
What do you do when your skin craves water that hasn't been crammed into a pipe? Who stands guard over your sleeping if not the trees?
Don't talk to me about culture. Shows and exhibitions. Standing in line and staring up at a stage. The enlightened brain--unencumbered by eye contact with strangers--riding the pace of traffic. Straight ahead and run run run. Sucking exhaust between tourist traps.
Packed in noise and litter and frantic until people become rats and pidgeons.
Tell me what you get out of it.
Tell me how it can be worth it.

made up

You maddening woman--
with your one word replies
and your long, unpregnant pauses

Like the sea--
The sailors on (and in) her know
there's not a drop to drink

Odysseus blocked up the ears of his men
and lashed himself to the deck,
and said Sail on

Maybe he even closed his eyes
to fully appreciate the legendary song--
the beautiful doom

I know now--
he heard one word:
whispered almost
and wrapped in gauze of breath

Then nothing