Friday, May 29, 2009

Jack the Ripper (thanks to steven)

"Crash into my arms," he said "I want you." She couldn't hear over the crashing noises in her own chest. "You don't agree," he said, "but you don't refuse."
She blushed, but it was all fear. All fear. As they both savored it, he could only misinterpret the signal. He smiled, but not his smile. Now he could inject his mind into hers. He could lead her quiet from behind, whispering "I know you."

They walked the maze of alleyways, doubling back and looping, though he knew in his spine they were not being followed. He felt she enjoyed the game as much as . . . she stumbled. He broke in to cut off any tension. "And I know a place where no one is likely to pass." She didn't answer. How else to respond to his hypnotic tone? "You don't care if it's late. And you don't care if you're lost." Here was the door. Time for empathy. Always connect before moving in. "You look so tired." Then clarity: now they were inside, he could flash the smile he had held in reserve. At last. She withdrew from instinct. The fawn from the predator. But this was also the confirmation. He was unsafe, and she still thought she knew what she wanted. And she still thought this was about sex.
Her thoughts were dripping from her, he read them too easily. "But tonight you presume too much." He held her eyes. She repeated, without breathing, too much. He felt their souls connect. He stepped away from the door, to give her one more chance. Now that she knew. He didn't want a caged bird. He motioned to the door as he took of his coat. She didn't leave. But she knew. "No one knows a thing about my life," he said nonchalantly tossing his coat on the table. She nodded. "I can come and go as I please." She half smiled. I could leave too, he thought for her. But she didn't leave. Last chance. Her wide eyes ignored the door. Ignored the whole world outside it. Now it was forever. He closed his eyes for a moment, smiling, deftly putting her at ease as he savored the moment.
Then he rushed her in a flash and pinned her against the wall. Fast enough to make her gasp. With pleasure. He put his lips to hers but did not kiss her. Now. Right now. It could not be drawn out further and remain perfect. At any rate, now it was his heart crashing. Every part of him trembling. "If I can't allow you to stay . . . what if I can't allow you to leave?"

She didn't answer.