Saturday, December 26, 2009

You see why we love him.

"I'm Ok All By Myself"

"Now I am a Was"

"My Life is an Endless Succession of People Saying Goodbye"

"Hold on to Your Friends"

"There is a Place in Hell for Me and My Friends"

"Seasick, Yet Still Docked"

"You're the one for me, Fatty"

"Glamorous Glue"

"I Don't Mind if You Forget Me"

"Lifeguard Sleeping; Girl Drowning"

"I Have Forgiven Jesus"

"Satan Rejected My Soul"

"Trouble Loves Me"

"You Know I Couldn't Last"

"The Last of the Famous International Playboys"

"All You Need is Me"

Even if all we had were titles: Greatness.


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