Friday, February 15, 2008


I never followed the back of your head across the courtyard and knew the expression on your face. We never strolled into the trees and stopped time. You never came to me in the night. I wish for sleep. I welcome dreams.

I never cowed from love you offered, or cut to the end of a book I didn't know we were writing together, or waited like a fool for fantasy and reality to overlap. Others hold a candle to you. They do. Not everyone pales in comparison.

It was fair. We had our chance. There wasn't anything left in the cup we left. I don't remember every word. The taste of you leaves me. No shivering as I pass your place. No haunting. No remembering. No dull ache. No draining of blood from my face or pounding the piano with songs that write themselves for you.

There isn't only you.

You never were the love of my life.


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