Saturday, September 30, 2006


I think we've all had enough of this.

But what's the ocean without a rip tide to drag you out and an undertow to drag you under?

It wouldn't crash. And lovers wouldn't kiss in the surf.

And that is infantile. Placid is better than tumultuous. Just is. Tranquil is better than troubled. That's it. Security is sounder than sacrifice.

So don't.

Let's just rejoice (in silence) that Summer is over. I'll go back to grinding myself to powder, but this time I'll smile (with you) at the thought of how the wind will take me up and scatter me. Settling is better. Laughing is better.

I know: Contrast. I get it. But I don't have to keep learning how to ride a bike. I don't need to sweat to remind me how much I hate it. No mistake is made once. But with repetition, it stops being an adventure.

Leave me to it. Or, really, keep leaving me to it.

Or just leave.

I'd rather mourn over your absence than over you.


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