Saturday, April 08, 2006


Is Art enough?

Through the medium of words, strands are woven, which connect us, constitute a bond.

True seeing.

But also true Faith. Substance of Hoped for--evidence of unseen. Always this philosophical middle between the mystery and the self. How can something swallowed whole remain at arms' length?

Art cannot be constructed, or even woven, by human hands. Words, and all other forms, are ARTIFACTS only. Art is the unseen--the unseeable--verb, the connection that forms between human souls through the medium of the artifact. A more effective artifact weaves, or, rather, facilitates stronger, more pervasive connections. And here is timelessness and immortality.

The connection is manifold: Reader to author. Reader and Author to subject. Observer to observed and then to all other observers.
And all involved unto God. And the God within unto the God without.

But then, if it is self-justified, if it can only be flattened by explanation--if it exists in and of itself, independent in its sphere--why does it seem to need us? A connection needs something to connect. But this is a need that waits, that loves to wait, that does nothing but and does it passionately (Rilke).

Our need for the connection is less serene. Less serene still is the soul that has stopped needing it.


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