Saturday, November 19, 2005


I had light in my veins. Most days I'm convinced it's been replaced by tar. But remembering keeps me from drowning.
Keeps me here and now. Anything but tar would come gushing out all over anyone stupid enough to ask. Anything but tar and I would turn and run.
The notion that my bones were made of wood used to help me sleep. Something about oxen and a snake of days. Anything but dreaming. Enough already.
I've been had. But having is so overrated. Until you get the solitude the words said you needed. We had to punish you. You had it coming.
Why not just take it through the front door?
Why not just accept the architecture of the place and live in it?
Someone said knock knock was the punchline.
I had my reasons. Turns out they were green bone branches that bent to my will and then grew out twisted all to hell. She has no time for you now.
I had no right.
I had some nerve.
Exposed and raw from blunder. Casting seeds and reaping the whirlwind. Now you act surprised? How unseemly. Your problem is you take your own advice.
But somewhere the Chameleon's dish. Still promise crammed.
Descant of Air. Then air in air. Unshrouded. Unfallen.


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